Marble vs. Granite: Which Makes A Better Countertop?

Countertops are commonly utilized in kitchen areas, but they are not limited to that specific area alone because they could as well be utilized in any parts of the home or offices like laundry and bath areas. There are several kinds of benchtops depending on what materials they are made from.

Considered to be two of the greatest materials used in creating countertops are granite and marble. Granites could be used in many applications, but they are more used in engineering and architectural designs. The most excellent example of this is typically the granite countertops.

Granite benchtops are the most preferred kind of benchtops which house designers frequently use, and this is because of the benefits they provide. Considered to be one advantage of granite benchtops is because they provide an elegant effect on your property. Granites would always provide a natural mosaic appearance even if they are not yet processed into any formation and they consist of quartz, mica, and feldspar.

Additionally, granites are usually available in various attractive colors and designs and this serves as the reason behind its beautiful effect. Whenever you have granite benchtops in your home, it would be best if you match them with the appropriate color in order to provide more elegance into your home.

Another option is the marble countertop. This is also a highly favored option because of the following:

  • It is quite affordable. Yes, the material actually looks expensive but compared to the other options, you can say that this is one of the most affordable, thus you can use this generously.
  • This material is quite durable as well. Because of the fact that this is made from natural stone, it is more resilient to scratching breaking, and cracking, which are the most common issues of countertops.
  • It comes with so many designs. Yes, this is made of stone and quite durable, but it is softer compared to granite. That is why it can be designed easily, and this is why you can use this type of material to easily sync with the other fixtures of your home.

If you think about it, you can say that the best choice depends on one’s preferences. Every option has its strengths and weakness, so, it will be up to you whichever you prefer. It will be up to you which material you think is the best for your kitchen.

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