About Us

The Renovation Project is a site that was created to help homeowners come up with unique ideas for giving their houses fresh new looks. As we all know, our tastes change over time, our preferences shift, and it’s not unusual to want something that is new and and different – while still having a sense of familiarity and comfort.

Our Project was originally established by a small team of couples living at a simple townhouse located along the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, which was damaged by a hurricane. We made a joint effort to renovate our home to make it sturdier and hurricane-proof. We realized that we were doing something special, and decided to pay it forward and help other affected homeowners in our area.

Our efforts did not go in vain. We’ve helped many of our neighbors, our efforts have been featured on several online shows – and we maintain this website to bring the work of the Renovation Project to another level.

The Renovation Project