Furrow by Sergey Jivetin – Current Project

FURROW.   Sergey Jivetin’s artist-in-residence at CHRCH Project Space.   March, 2017

Local artist Sergey Jivetin is an artist-in-residence at CHRCH Project space this March.

Partnering with Hudson Valley Seed Library, Sergey’s project, titled Furrow, engages local community in a seed alteration and germination/development experiment. Audience members are invited to bring seeds of select species to be engraved and subsequently planted and documented either in a germination chamber installed at CHRCH or at their homes.

In Sergey’s words: Furrow project is intended to be a conversation starter on the subject of humanity’s ever present desire to alter nature, an invitation to reexamine the very complex motives and consequences of domestication. Seeds are a powerful metaphor containing a wealth of histories and associations. Carving an artistic mark into the seed will physically help to release the organic energy contained within, but also liberate these topics for open dialog.

The project is designed to unfold over the course of 4 weekends in March and culminate is a closing reception where results of the experiments will be presented.

The space would be open to the public most Saturdays and Sundays in March between 11am and 4 pm, but RSVP is advised. To make an appointment, please call or text 917-407-7288.


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Guidelines for participation:

Below please find suggested guidelines for seed selection for this project, reflecting its unique conceptual and practical applicability.

Since this art project takes its inspiration from scarification, a farming technique where the outer hard shell of a seed is scored to quicken germination, conceptually befitting plants are the ones that traditionally require scarification.

Some seeds will be available for use at the space, but audience members are encouraged to bring their own as well. Suggested species: morning glory family, moonflower, nasturtium. Both ornamental or economic crops are pertinent. For best engraving applicability, it is recommended to bring a minimum of 6 single specie seeds to choose from with seed sizes within the range of 1/8” to ½” in the largest dimension.

As a condition of the project, once a seed is engraved, the participant is asked to plant and document its development along with 2 controls, one completely intact and the other pre-soaked in water for at least 12 hours.

Disclaimer: Possession of seeds from some plant species is considered illegal under Federal and NY State statutes, so please consult applicable laws for specific exclusions before choosing what to bring to the project.


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