Steve Clorfeine


An installation by Steve Clorfeine                          CHRCH Project Space, Cottekill, NY

July 5- August 7, 2016 (public performances, 7/31 & 8/7)


Place to place. We move from past to present, present to past. The 5 pieces in this exhibition reference questions that are crucial to me at this time.

  • ANCESTORS – the table of photographs and artifacts. What do we remember –how, and why? What subconscious experiences and conditions are passed down from previous generations. What are we not told as children or even adults, and why we don’t ask: The effects of silence.



  • THE WORLD WE KNOW AND THE WORLD WE DON’T KNOW – a museum–like table of 70 ceramic figures placed so you can get close to them, even touch them. Glazed and unglazed full body figures in the center which stand in gravel and unglazed heads on either side which lie in sand. I think of terror and its victims; I think again of silence, of refugees. I ask myself how I feel the fear, individual and collective, and at the same time, extend myself outwards.



  • IS THERE ANY NATION EXEMPT FROM TERROR. IS THERE ANY PERSON EXEMPT FROM FEAR. Map heads made of paper mache, blindfolded and held by a brick wall.



  • EARTH TO BUDDHA – an antique sun dial stands over kenaf (hemp) roots and moss covered fieldstone on which 21 Buddha figures sit. They are of the earth, on the earth, and hold the words that Shakyamuni Buddha spoke upon his enlightenment: ‘The earth is my witness.’ In a dialogue with Nano Seeber, geologist, we explore the meaning of the Buddha’s statement and ask participants to join the conversation.



  • PLACE TO PLACE – a 12 minute film made by Christine Alicino using images from the Ancestor table, from slides I took in early travels in Europe, from local haunts in Ulster Co. and from small dances that I performed in the church, against the back curtained window.

The performers: (with great thanks!)

Christine Alicino, David Daub, Nancy Graham, Trish Hawkins, Jen Hicks, Nano Seeber, Sarah Stackhouse