Sergey Jivetin – Upcoming Project


A tiny project of a grand scale.

For years, the largest stained glass window at CHRCH Project Space has had a small caliber bullet hole in it. We recently approached local artist Sergey Jivetin about repairing the window and he responded with a curious idea: instead of replacing the damaged glass pane, plugging the hole with a bullet-sized rose window made from a discharged slug and inset with fragments of gemstones.

Playing off the construction of traditional stained glass, the bullet lead will frame the collection of minuscule gems and be molded to fill the void in the window. In Sergey’s words, “I’ve opted to transform the destructive act into a benevolent one by reconstructing the bullet that pierced the glass and use it to mend the damage.” Sergey sees a correlation between this type of intervention and Kintsugi, the Japanese tradition of repairing broken pottery, where instead of being masked, the break-lines are celebrated by highlighting it with pure gold lacquer.

Drawing upon the highly ornate fenestration of the Medieval Gothic architecture, Sergey’s micro intervention of bullet lead and gem chips will be imbedded into the comparatively vast window of our aesthetically spare Dutch Reformed building, creating a tiny Cathedral within a Church, an exciting and layered interplay between the minuscule and the grand, the modest and the resplendent.