Linda Weintraub


The pleasure of creation.

The animation of discovery.

The sensuality of touch.

The friendship of community.

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CHRCH Project Space invites the public to contribute to the ‘creation’ of a work of art that was initiated by the artist, Linda Weintraub. Weintraub will be present, by appointment from May 16 to June 30, to guide students and adults in a sculptural process that combines ‘discovery’, ‘touch’, and ‘community’. Contact: Linda Weintraub – to schedule an appointment.

Linda Weintraub explains the significance of the title of her project: “’Mother Earth’, the age-old metaphor for our planet, is woefully out of date. It casts humans as perpetually dependent children who rely upon the Earth as their loving provider and protector. The child/mother metaphor is unsuited to the current era – first, because our planet is so fraught with environmental crises that the Earth may not be capable of supporting current forms of life in the future; second, because it excuses humans from assuming responsibility for maintaining the Earth’s well-being. Shifting metaphors to ‘Grandmother Earth’ evokes the planet’s current fragility. It is only if we become her care-givers and care-takers that the vastness of her practical knowledge and ancient wisdom will be preserved.”

grandmother earth first day

The sculpture Weintraub created rises 10 feet toward the ceiling, and 10 feet along
the floor. The surface is completely covered with natural treasures gathered from the woods – seeds, mushrooms, acorns, bark, twigs, bones, shells, moss, clay, and lichens. These mater
ials have been meticulously arranged to disclose the harmony among their forms, textures, and colors.



On opening day, this artwork will occupy one end of the exhibition space at the Project Space. Over the course of the exhibition, artists and non-artists, students and adults will have the opportunity to enlarge the artwork by contributing their own arrangements of
these sensual forest offerings. By the closing date, it is hoped that the sculpture will occupy the entire building. A closing day reception will welcome all contributors to a triple celebration honoring the diversity and abundance that exists in Hudson Valley woods; the consolidation of this profusion into a work of art; and the communal creativity that formed it.


Linda Weintraub is an artist, curator, educator, and author of several popular books about contemporary art. She is also a homesteader. Weintraub is actively engaged in ‘eco art’ in which artists apply their originality and skill toward solving the many environmental crises that currently afflict the planet.
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