Barbara Hammer

“A Place Called Hope”

Over the past few years, C H R C H has co-created a variety of interactive experiences in partnership with Women’s Studio Workshop and SUNY Ulster Arts. The next C H R C H project kicks off our community based model, and for that we need your help.

We are seeking to raise five thousand dollars to bring together the Hudson Valley Community with award winning artist and filmmaker Barbara Hammer. We are honored as a community to collaborate with Barbara to produce a new piece using raw footage from her comprehensive filmography. The idea is to bring together select artists from our area to manipulate snippets from her films to create a new work of art that will emerge in the project space for all to engage.

This is a residency that will culminate in a multi-media show in late August. At C H R C H, we are not just providing space for artists, but a unique experience of art for our community. An opportunity to interface and engage with artists who present intelligent and approachable works you don’t often find in a gallery setting.

In order to make this collaboration a reality, we need funding for equipment, expertise, printing resources, and installation materials. For the price of a movie ticket, you can be part of an interactive film experience. If you can afford to give a bit more, take a look at the various levels of giving to see how your support can further connect you with the C H R C H community.