C H R C H Project Space presents art, but it is not a museum and it is not a gallery. Instead, it functions like a laboratory / workshop / studio / cultural center. Its program features pioneering art projects that emphasize community engagement. These projects are designed by artists who collaborate with the broadest possible range of people to address such timely issues as the environment, sustainability, food, agriculture, technology, social issues, popular culture, race, and gender. These complicated issues are made accessible and inclusive because they take the form of interactive artworks. While conventional galleries resemble learning a new language through academic studies, C H R C H’s mission is like learning a new language by becoming immersed in it. The projects it presents may take the form of performance, film, photography, community action, and manual material connections. What these varied programs share is the invitation to experience the creative energies of artists and each other.

C H R C H hosts four to six projects each year.   An artist or artist team is granted use of the space for up to four to six weeks to develop and produce a project.   When the project is finished we hold an event to celebrate the artwork created in collaboration with the community.

C H R C H engages community in three main ways:

  • We host exhibitions by Hudson Valley artists.  Lucky for us, some of the most innovative artists working today call our area home.
  • We present artists from all over the world who create public artworks with a focus on social practice, interactivity, and collaboration with community.